hammock for the world

If you have two walls, you can have a hammock

No matter where you are in the world, at Hamacamarte we make it possible for you to have a hammock.

The whole process was simple with excellent service and the product was completely to my liking, I highly recommend the items in this store for their extraordinary quality.


hammock in detail

Since 2008 the main inspiration for Hamacamarte is the game of five words:

Loving You

This name inspired by the pleasure of being able to enjoy having a while looking at the sky, lying in a hammock.

We are a brand inspired by the hammock, as our name says. We love to share and make it known that a hammock is more than a decorative object. The second word says bed, it tells us that in the hammock you can sleep in it if you wish, since the hammock is a space where your body will really rest. The third word is Art, which is found in the detail in its production process, since it is 100% manual work, carried out by Mayan artisans. The fourth word is Love, when you decide to buy your hammock, you acquire the final experience of the hands that made it and all the beings that will enjoy it, by resting in it. By getting a hammock for yourself, you are taking care of yourself. Your hammock will be your favorite space, that's where our last word comes from: Loving you.

All of our hammocks are made in the Yucatan, made by women from different communities, working hand in hand with them to use non-commercial warps in our hammock designs.

Over time we have expanded Home Decoration items to offer you products always made 💯 by hand, from different states such as:

Pachuca: Otomis embroidery,
Edo. from Mexico: Mazahua Art that makes palm rugs and shawls.
Guerrero: Individual palm and baskets
Chiapas: Variety of products.
Oaxaca: Bedspread and black mud

It will be a pleasure for us to share with you the ideal hammock for you.


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